Counter of event marks before the post process

Is there a way to count the number of events in a ubx log from a M2 module immediately after a flight? Some small program or python script maybe?
It happened to me from making 6 flights during a whole day with a fixed wing in a distant field, arriving at the hotel at night, doing the PPK post-processing and finding out that due to the failure of the cable that goes to the hotshoe I have many missing events in all the flights. A nightmare. A day of missed flights that could have been avoided by just seeing the error after the first flight just by comparing the number of events vs. photos/shots. I had a spare cable that would have saved me.
Someone asked for this feature in 2018, but I didn’t find anything on this forum.

Nobody had this problem? For my next flights I have to travel 1300 km by car, wait for good weather, fly with a fixed wing 5000 hectares over the Andes Mountains, return to the city, download the data from a CORS station to process PPK and cross my fingers wishing that all the events are there? Tell me if I’m wrong, but I never imagined that it was a matter of faith to work with an Emlid M2…

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Hi Augusto,

There’s a way to count time marks’ number, but you need to convert the UBX log into the RINEX in Emlid Studio. If you open the RINEX log in any text editor, you’ll be able to see time mark records that look like this:

There are following records:

2022 8 29 16 57 28.3490708 5 0 - time mark
2022 8 29 16 57 29.9900000 0 26 - GPS epoch time

I use Visual Studio Code for string-searching time marks. You need to input the following request mask - >( )(.*)(\n)>. It will show the actual time marks’ number.

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Thanks Kirill, I managed to do it with notepad++ and a regular expression. It would be a good idea to add that function to Emlid Studio, a simple counter of timestamps.


Thank you, I’ve noted it as a feature request!

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