Couldn't get fix with cors

I’m still observing reach with cors base station. But still not get fix. I use gps glonass 5Hz, connection is good.

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You need to set Glonass ambiguity resolution to off when using Reach with CORS as base station has different inter channel biases.

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Hi, thank you for your response.I Glonass ambiguity resolution to off, then couldn’t get fix. Then turn it on, still get float.
Actually i must flying here by plane to get cors base station, i really want to get fix with cors base station. Maybe this Sunday i will back here again.

How long is the baseline?

Please upload raw logs for rover and reference.

I’m not sure, but i think under 50kms, about 20kms maybe.

I always try and error, so i wait 10 minutes, not fix, i change the configuration, until more than an hour.

Would you share best configuration for connection to base cors?

No option to use VRS? At 20-50km baseline it would be better if you use static mode instead of kinematic if the goal is to measure points.

Yes, i used static mode. And what is the better choice, on or off for glonass integer ambiguity? I plan Sunday to observe again.

Your first screenshot has Kinematic, that is why I recommended Static. With CORS it must be off as you are making RTK between different receiver types.

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That’s one of my observation, there is other screenshot

But sorry, i have one question that still has no answer, which one is better, glonass integer ambiguity off or on?
And should i choose fix and hold or continues?
Thank you.

I would be using fix-and-hold.

Wow, it’s really the fastest response that i ever received. Thank you, i will back to the state which has CORS, and use this configuration. I hope i get fix soon.
Correction: @bide is fastest too, ever help me…
Thank you for your concern @igor.vereninov.

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Not even trying to compete with @bide :slight_smile:

Please don’t forget to have the raw and reference logs so that we can try to post-process your data.

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No, i never compete all my friend, everyone help me, so they are my friends. Reach rtk kit help me to finished my job fastest then every other job, i will always remember that. All body in this forum is my friends, such i get ground plane configuration, you see signal bar in my screenshot. So, i will never compete all my friends.
Sorry for misunderstanding, my friend.

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I was just joking, no worries :slight_smile:

I get best result for static post processing (other observation)

5mm size of square.

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Hi, how to set base coordinate when we do post processing by cors reference file?

Choose Rinex header, is should be there.