Could .csv export include CRS and datum


We have several RS2 and are really enjoying them. These are shared among our staff and not allocated to any one person.

Could the .csv export be modified to include CRS and datum? The Eastings and Northings themselves are not meaningful without this information.

While the chosen datum is readily available in the app the output .csv files are quickly independent of this.

I expect maybe the shapefile export solves this - have not tested it but presumably has the CRS baked into it - we find the .csv more accessible to a wider range of users.

We are in Australia where MGA94 and MGA2020 are competing while being very similar.

Thoughts invited.


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Hi @RussellGrew,

Thanks for your feedback and the feature request. It’s always valuable to learn more about your experience with our receivers. It helps us figure out what we can do better :slight_smile:

I think I understand what you mean. When you have coordinates of the points, you also need to know their coordinate system. Yeah, it’s essential. So having this info directly in the CSV file should be quite convenient.

I’ll note your request and pass it to the team to check if we can implement this feature.

Oh, you know, I’ve decided to do a short test and upload the SHP file from ReachView 3 to the QGIS app. And QGIS has successfully read the coordinate system of the project. So it indeed may be a solution.