Could be an interesting future

Just came across this while setting up a Windows 11 beta machine and thought it could stir up some good conversation. Dreamin’.


Yeah, noticed that too with my dilemma using Windows 10 tablets, but Emlid more than likley not making a ReachView 3 version for them, so this may be a solution “if” it works successfully. If not, just sticking with ReachView2 which is web based, works just fine and a 3rd party “REAL” surveying app… i.e. FieldGenius.

As for Windows “11”… good Lord. Perfect timing with what is happening in the world… so let’s go ahead and throw this mess on top of it too. Not to mention machines that may not be able to install Windows 11 due to hardware shortcomings such as TPM requirement… but haven’t looked into detail yet, but apparently workarounds so you can when the time comes you must.

Holding off on Windows 11 as much as possible. But newer software versions will force it. I.e. Windows 10 no longer supported bs.

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Yeah, TPM 2.0 is going to be a huge pitfall and there will not be near as many computers getting upgraded. I’ve been running the beta on one of our spare laptops and think it is a good evolution with everything going mobile (hence the TPM) and touch. Apparently it already has or is about to cause a huge TPM module shortage. Most computers within the last 3-5 years have the board connection for it but putting in the module is only common on business class machines. I’m glad I don’t have to jack with this in our company any more. Thank God for MSP’s. At least the good ones.

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Here’s some flaming hoops to jump through (thank you Micro$haft! Very much appreciated!) Updates as usual should counteract your efforts though.

I think it’s Napoleon Dynamite?:


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