CORSNET NSW connection probs

Has anyone had any luck connecting to the NSW corsnet?
I have a valid usernam and password.
I connect I get a message in red that says source table received then the dreaded
Recv error 114
I get no list of mount points and cannot input one that I know in the box, ot use the nearest-RTCM3 option
Any pointers gratefully received…

Update if I force the issue and input a reference station from the published locations ( not from the mountpoint list in the app, as this is not populated) I get a green message that says

Connected to no mountp. Reconnect.

Update #2

I can connect to the ‘Nearest-RTCM3’ station, (by accident!) but still cannot use VRS or get a list of mountpoints


Hi @Simon_Allen,

Could you get us a test account to check? Send me a PM with access data.

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