Hi there,
Can someone explain me in my problem.
Iam trying to eliminate my resources using for Surveying/Mapping.

Can I process my M-2(PPK Unit) Rover data directly by CORS station.
My CORS station is >50 kms. Can I achieve the desire accuracy of 95 % FIX to 100% FIX by this test.

Anyone up with solution kindly message.

Could you elaborate ? Maybe I don’t get it because English is not my first language :sweat_smile:

Do you have the CORS raw data ? Have you tried to post-process the baseline in Emlid Studio yet ?
More than 50 kms is kinda long but good accuracy can still be achieved if the observations are good quality, multi-band, with low noise.
Only doing the actual process will tell you.

After doing actual post processing.
I got 92 % Float and 8% is float :crazy_face:
Also after changing elevation mask to 25 degree. I not got good accuracy.

I am using nearby CORS data and Rover data (Rover data means the PPK unit mounted on DRONE).

I just want to know what is the maximum baseline length of Post Processing.

There is no absolute answer to that as it mainly depends on the data quality on both base and rover ends. But generally you should feel confortable in the 0 - 30km range, then 30 - 60 km you usually have to spend a few minutes in a stationnary position at the beginning and the end of the flight to gather enough data to fix, and > 60km you better have some very good data, no signal loss, stationnary sessions, multi-band & quadri-constellation on base and rover.

That too is depend on the noise and pseudo errors captured in our device/ in Base device.
Also there is possibility of getting bad climate noise in data(Ionosphere).

If i kept my rover/UAV PPK kit Switch On to complete its initialisation and more than 5-7 mins at the start and end of my mission/take off and landing location.
This might get better results as per my thinking.Correct me if i am wrong.

Totally agree on that. That’s good practice.

Hi Bnavesh,

@Florian gave you good recommendations how to improve the data quality. But I’d also like to check your data and post-process it by myself.

You can send it to or share it via PM.

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