CORS information please

Could anyone help please? I am new to Reach RS/ RTK Survey, I need a CORS input into Reach RS for correction purposes. How do I do this? I live in the UK and who supplies this service? Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, Welcome.

Maybe this can get you started…

Thanks Richard

@RickJ Is there any similar service available in India as well?

I searched on DuckDuckgo for “india cors stations GPS” & results looked somewhat bleak for India. It appears that India politics has slowed much work toward CORS type stations in India. There appears only to be three or four stations in the entire country. Please correct me, if someone has better information.
You would think all major countries would have similar networks, but I’m not sure that is the case. For example, I have not found many VRS networks operating in the USA that are not fee based and only operate in a few states controlled by commercial operators.
I admit that I am a novice so I will monitor for any inputs.
If you don’t have a local CORS station, you may want to make your own permanent Base Reference marker as close to your Rover area as you can. Then, you can tie it into the rest of the world later. See Emlid base setup in docs. Good luck

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