CORS Coordinates

Looking through the forum and scratching my head way more than usual. The reference frame Reach RS+ units use is the WGS84 original. A lot of CORS towers in the states use the following two:

“We supply these positions in 2 reference frames, NAD83 (2011,MA11,PA11)epoch 2010.00 and ITRF2014 (epoch 2010.0) . We do not use the WGS84 to position points.” - From NOAA

New Coordinates (MYCS2): In ITRF2014 epoch 2010.00 and NAD 83(2011,MA11,PA11) epoch 2010.00- CORS tower

Any way, workaround, or future update to change this to receive those NTRIP coordinates?

well start there, see if you can figure out how that makes any sense. If there are “newer versions” why would they not be used by the RS+??

These are tricky concepts and they are easily misunderstood as well as often poorly explained. search using the phrase “WGS84 reference frame” and “WGS84 realization”. here is a decent online source…

Thanks for…yeah…

well ok you want the easy answer: it already works, you can use that NTRIP source already.

Hi Michael,

Just wanted to add that even though Reach receivers handle the WGS84 coordinate system only, they can provide the coordinates in the base’s coordinate system. If the base’s position is specified in another coordinate system, the Reach’s coordinate in the Survey tool and in the position log will be shown in the base’s system as well, despite the fact that the ReachView specifies it as WGS84.

Let me also link this post by Tatiana that might clear things a bit:

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