CORS/Base/Rover workflow

I’ve updated my Reach RS+ units and reviewed the initial setup guides. What is unclear to me is a simple workflow to get up and running quickly every time I want to survey.

For correction input on my Base unit I connect to a local CORS tower through an IP and port number, and setup my Base for LoRa distribution. Now this is where it gets a little confusing for me as I’m used to entering height data above a known point (or is this necessary?).

Also, do I let the base get a fix for a certain amount of time, as I typically use a tablet or phone to connect it to my hotspot (and need my phone to use with the rover a good distance away). It’s necessary to connect my rover to my wifi/bluetooth and proceed with collecting points (which I’m still figuring out a good app for data collection that changes coordinate systems). This survey data is it modified with the rod height in place from the reachview connection? How is that implemented?

I would just like an example workflow for my type of setup, or if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

Hi @mchlgrffn88,

I’d recommend you to follow this workflow:

  1. Set up the base station, turn it on and connect it to NTRIP;
  2. Go to Base mode tab and choose Average fix coordinate input mode;
  3. Set up Coordinate accumulation time to 10 min;
  4. After the position will be averaged, you can disable NTRIP correction input on the base and turn on correction input over LoRa on the rover unit.

Ahh, I thought if you changed it over it cleared the data. Thank you.

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