Corrupted log files?

Hi There

I have 2 reach units and was testing with 1 as Base and 2nd as Rover. I was able to get float without issue (once i got the settings correct).

I was unable to download the logs from the unit I originally had set up as the Rover even after trying everything mentioned in this post HERE

I swapped the units, base to rover and rover to base and am able to retrieve the logs no problem from the “new” Rover.

I’ve reflashed and updated the unit I could not retrieve logs from a few times now and reset it to Rover with the good unit as Base again and I’m still unable to pull the logs from this unit as Rover.

When I click on the log link it goes through the convert timer but will not initiate download regardless of log size.

I’m thinking I may have a faulty Reach unit (memory issues) but it seems to work fine as Base so I’m not terribly concerned but if there’s anything else I can try to get it sorted of if you’d like the unit returned for testing I’d be happy to hear from you.

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Hi Mal,

Which browser are you using?

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Sorry for the delayed reply. I tried both IE and Chrome

Now the 2nd receiver I bought is doing the same thing.
It says Your download will begin shortly and that’s all you get.
I have tried all browsers in Windows 7 and all Browsers in Android
version 6.0.1
Thank You

Please try updating the app


I am having the same problem. Although my rover SOLUTION file will download, my ROVER and REFERENCE file will not. All it says is “Converting to RINEX” and takes what I would guess is an appropriate amount of time then “Your download will begin shortly”… but does not. I rigged these up yesterday and I have not successfully downloaded any of these two ROVER and REFERENCE files yet.

I watched these files collect in RTKPLOT and everything looked good in real-time

I have:
-have read through the above chains
-rebooted the chip multiple times
-tried multiple different files and the same thing happens with longer times “Converting to RINEX” for larger files
-I have NOT flashed a new image, but would prefer not to if possible

Windows10/(tried both IE and Chrome)/ReachView version: v0.4.3/RINEX 3.01