Corrupt download zip file from RS2+

I logged 6+ hours of static data yesterday.

1hz, full constellations, RINEX and UBX

I updated to the latest firmware before logging commenced.

The static session closed correctly and created the download zip, approx. 71mb in size.

I successfully transferred the zip but when trying to extract the zip on PC it was found to be corrupt. I have tried several times since with no success.

Are we able to access the RINEX and UBX files directly from the receiver without the compression?

Happy to upload the zip file if you are able to work with this…

I am trying a two hour session today to see if that will zip correctly.



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Hi Michael,

Welcome to the forum!

Can you send us the Full System report and log files to the We will look into it. Please also let us know if you’re able to unzip the file from today’s session.