Hello all. I have a reach RS and RS+ as my base and rover. Most of the work I do with them is for plotting GCP’S on site. I have never used a correction service as I do them in post processing.
My questions are; Does any have any suggestions on a service to use and what cost are involved?
Is it hard to set up and does it require a Internet connection?
Could any one point me I the direction of resources that show how to do it?
Thank you.

What country are you in?

Hi iam based in the UK

Hi @sgeyeuk,

We haven’t tested NTRIP services in the UK. As I know, some of our users there use the following services:

Reach can work with an NTRIP service in RTK if the unit is provided with an Internet connection. Some NTRIP services allow downloading base data for PPK as well. In this case, Internet access on Reach is not required.

To learn more about the RTK workflow, you may explore our Working with NTRIP service guide.

Thank you

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