I am very new to Reach RS, but have been making a lot of headway with all of this but have still much to learn.

Does anyone have any simple help and setup “dumbed down” so I can get a better handle on it so I know how the set all the settings in ReachView and I can also carry this over to other software? I.e. Trimble Nomad 900G with Microsurvey FieldGenius, Layout, SatViewer and TerraSync?

PS. Not sure if matters. But in central US. Any FREE corrections that work fine?

Thank you!


You can find a detailed description of ReachView app and all its settings here.

Reach RS docs also has guides for pairing the receiver with external devices via BT or Serial. For instance, here is the guide for FieldGenius

In regards to free RTK corrections, I’d recommend checking this article.

If you have any questions about something in docs, please feel comfortable to ask for help on forum.

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Thank you Tatiana.

In the instructions for setting up FieldGenius, it seems to be referring to (1) Reach? I have (2) and not sure if these Position Output and Correction Input settings it is referring to is for the Rover or the Base?

Do I leave these settings disabled for the Base? And set everything on the Rover?

On the Rover, I understand this part to get the readings from ReachView to the Nomad:
Position output
Go to Position output in ReachView and select BT tab. Select NMEA format and click Apply.

But what is this next step with I assume is optional? What is it’s use and what does it do in relation to the Nomad and FieldGenius?

Correction input
If you want to send the corrections from your controller via Bluetooth go to Correction input and select BT tab. Set RTCM3 format and Apply settings.

I am pretty lost with “corrections” and how and what they do?

Thank you.


FieldGenius integrates only with Reach rover only for data collection. Base and rover are set up via ReachView app. So firstly you need to set a base mode for Base and correction input for Rover in ReachView app. You can find the information about it in ReachView docs.

This configuration is required when you are using single RTK unit and receiving RTK corrections from NTRIP service.
In your case, it is configured through ReachView app, as I’ve mentioned earlier.

Hope it will help.

So the “Stake-out” feature doesn’t work with Reach RS units and ReachView? That’s not good. Only can survey points but cannot do the other way around by staking, setting or layout of points?

Why doesn’t Reach RS not work with Stakeout? I bought these for Stakeout, not really for data collection.

: (


Tatiana, hopefully I am just misunderstanding you pertaining FieldGenius doesn’t work with Reach RS for staking? I do follow everything else you explained though and appreciate your help, thank you.

Does Topcon MAGNET Field “Layout” work with Reach RS if FieldGenius doesn’t?

How about Carlson SurvCE?

Anyone use these programs to do real time STAKE OUTS and successful? With a good FIX, does it work smoothly or take a long time for each point to stake? i.e. does it take a few seconds seconds, a minute or longer to get a reading on your location as you approach the point (if nearby) to accept it and stake it?
I know using a robotic total station would be fast, but figured GNSS RTK would do just as well for staking out?

thank you for any help.

You can use all FieldGenius features with Reach including “Stake out” function, so no worries about it. The same for Magnet Field Layout and Carlson SurvCE.

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I figured I just misunderstood. Thank you Tatiana for your help! ; )

Was youcors free before, but now pay?

I’ll try also.

I am in the central US, would work? I see youcors has a NY option? Does that work for most of US?

I think youcors always has been pay pr month as i recall. works everywhere as long as you internet access and the service is up and running.
You just use you own base, the rtk2go service just forwards your base data to rover.

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Since I am using a Base and Rover, is there any benefit of using (or any pay service) over LoRa? If I get a good average location for the base or a known location, do I really need something like

Or is using a correction service good for users with only (1) rover and NO base? I guess the service provides other user’s base’s for your non-existant base to work with your rover?

Man, these services are pricey…which is understandable, as everything surveying/engineering-wise is $$$$$$$$$. Just one of those “racquets” for so many years. Emlid and the like is really going to disturb this market. Wouldn’t be surprised if Trimble buys them out to stop it.

I got the stake out feature working in MicroSurvey Layout 3. Kind of slow with Fix following where it says to go, but maybe just the nature of GNSS RTK? Or should I say Real Time Kinematics With A Lag? (RTKWAL) ; )

I have to figure out the Coordinate System though as I keep getting error back about wrong coordinate system selected/used at start of project creation or loading projects. Is there a general universal coordinate system I can use or should be using? (UTM83-11? Horizontal?) They have state ones and many to choose from? But should i be using something compatible with Emlid ReachViewer? Maybe the one in Survey in ReachViewer? EPSG:4326 (WGS84 vertical?)? In FieldGenius and Layout 3 is let’s me choose WGS84 but for the coordinate system not sure what to choose… wondering what standard horizontal coordinate system Reach RS users are using?

The rtk2go service is just another way to send the correction, you still need base (like your own RS). And those mountspoints you see in list from rtk2go, i would not rely on any of them. Use your own base.
Ntrip like rtk2go unlike over LoRa, is that you are free to use rover-base configuration without thinking of the range limit a LoRa might have, but you do need internet/celluar network at both ends for ntrip to work.

So if you have a mountain between your base and rover, ntrip is nice. Or any obstacles for that matter that will block LoRa signals.

rtk2go is free but public
yourcors has a small fee to make your mountpoints privat

Hope this made any sense


yes, it made perfect sense…thank you as usual. ; ) slowly but surely getting this everyday. : )

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