Corrections output LoRa and NTRIP

I have a couple of Reach RS+ units. Today was I wondering if I could have my base unit output corrections to an NTRIP server and also still broadcast them over LoRa. Unfortunately the software seems to only allow one at a time, which is very disappointing. Is there a reason for this limitation? Is there any way around this, like hacking a python script that can grab the corrections data and transmit it to an NTRIP server?



A hack is possible. The RTKLIB program str2str that handles the RTCM3 corrections can be configured with 2 outputs.

I did a little test by killing the existing str2str process and restarting it with an extra output. I can get LoRa and a TCP server running at the same time, but I don’t have the time to figure out how to do LoRa and NTRIP client at the same time.

So there is an avenue for you to investigate if you want.


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