Corrections from Emlid Reach RS+

I’ve signed up to this forum for some advice. We are trying to use the Emlid Reach RS+ to provide corrections to our drones. I can set the Emlid up but when I connect to the drone management programme, there are no corrections being sent. Any thoughts?

The RS+ is a single frequency receiver, and as such it Will provide single frequency corrections as well.
Your drone will very likely expect a dual frequency correction signal (like that coming from the RS2+)


Many thanks for the response. So essentially we have the wong receiver. We should have bought a dual band receiver. Have I understood your response correctly?

Hi Nigel,

It’s highly possible that your drone indeed needs multi-band corrections that RS+ can’t provide. But it’s better to double-check this in the drone’s specs or documentation. If it’s DJI RTK drone like Phantom 4 RTK or Mavic 3E, then you need RS2+ to make this work.

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