Correction link for aerial mapping

Incase of aerial mapping using M2 as a rover for correction using telemetry radio .here any how we can’t use cellular data to maintain constant link . Do you have any suggestion to get reliable connection using M2?

RS2 base correction getting from emlid caster service.

I really can’t speak for every location in the world, but in our jurisdiction, we are limited to line of sight flying anyway so passing the correction through telemetry radio is usually possible. I don’t have experience with any other method though.

Hi @Kalai_Selvan,

The standard drone’s telemetry is usually enough to establish a stable correction link for aerial mapping. So, I’d suggest using it instead of connecting the base and rover via an NTRIP caster. You can check a description of setting the telemetry link in our ArduPilot integration guide.

I mean RS2 base receiving correction from NTRIP caster using cellular data.those correction data I’m sending by the UAV telemetry data link to the Reach M2.


Here are a couple of comments, just to ensure we understand each other correctly:

  • Reach RS2 base doesn’t directly transmit NTRIP service corrections to Reach M2. However, you can fix the base’s position using these corrections.

  • The Emlid NTRIP Caster is not an NTRIP service. It transmits corrections between your units instead of sharing its own corrections. So, it may not fit this task.

  • Once established, the Reach RS2 base will send its corrections to Reach M2 via a telemetry radio link. So, you can have a reliable connection to Reach M2 without cellular data usage.

If I didn’t get your question right, please describe what you’d like to achieve.

Currently RS2 receiver configured as a base and it’s always in single solution mode due to no corrections to RS2.
But however I’m sending thise RS2 receiver single mode correction to Reach M2 rover on the UAV.

So to overcome this I want fix the Reach RS2 from the emlid caster. I not trying to send RS2 correction directly to Reach M2.

Is that give centimetre level accuracy? And my procedure will work?

That will work fine, yep. It is the correction signal that dictates precision, not over what technology it is being transmitted by.

Thank you@wizprod


Just wanted to confirm Christian’s words. If the correction source connected to the Emlid NTRIP Caster is placed accurately, it will help you determine the exact Reach RS2 base’s position.

It is normal for the BASE receiver to be left with a single solution. It sends its position to the ROVER receiver, and it is he who must present the FLOAT or FIX solution.

For the BASE receiver, the most important thing is that it sends the ROVER receiver a very accurate position. Starting the BASE with the Average Single position, the calculated coordinate will have a built-in error of a few meters. With the Average Float position, decimeters. With Average Fix position, centimeters.

Source: Placing the base, article from Emlid Docs.

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