Correction Input

(LJR) #1

Hi Everyone,

I would like to use both Reach RS+ units as rovers, without the base station, for a survey in Greece. Other than NTRIP, what is the best way of correcting the data, so that I get cm-accurate measurements.


(Christian Grüner) #2

If you have a CORS station nearby you can post-process your data up against that.
But then we are talking PPK and not RTK, so your data will be immediately cm-precise.

(LJR) #4

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, there isn’t one close enough. Are there other options?

(David Hofer) #5

Maybe another RS+ :cold_face:

(Gleb Gira) #6

Hi @ljr,

As a source of base corrections, you can use another Reach RS+ unit or an NTRIP station. This is the only 2 ways of getting centimeter accuracy. For RTK you always need a base station either local or remote.