Correction data from RS2+


I just got an RS2+ base and a M2 rover.
The communication is working. I send the correction momentarily over LoRa.
Later I cannot recive data over LoRa. There will be no direct connection between base and rover. So I need the correction data.
Can I receive the corrections from the base over RS232? Which format do they have? Can I use the base only to receive corrections or do I need to receive positioning data as well?

I can’t find information about the correction data.
Thanks for your help!

Hi @birke9,

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Does M2 detect the LoRa module? Can you please specify if you set the same frequency for LoRa both on the base and the rover?

You can receive the corrections on M2 using the serial connection. M2 uses UART on the JST-GH connectors. For RS-232, you’d need a converter.

It’s possible to connect a 3d-party radio to the JST-GH ports directly. However, the base should send the corrections via the same radio to establish the RTK link.

To calculate the solution, the rover only needs the corrections from the base.

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