Copy from DXF into DWG not working

Loving the Emlid Reach RS2. Reachview 3 app isn’t bad. I would like a lot more features but its getting me by for now.

But i’ve ran into an issue.
After exporting to DXF, normally I can select all, copy, move over to my DWG template, edit, paste to original coordinates.
But nothing happens. No paste, no error message.

Anyone have any ideas why i cant copy out of the DXF?

Hi Jake,

Thank you for your kind words about Reach RS2 :smiling_face: We appreciate them much!

Not sure I got the entire picture of the issue, but probably you need to change the Point display setting if you use AutoCAD. Its location depends on the versions, but commonly it works via the PTYPE command in the command line. You can check more details here.

Another assumption is that your DWG template needs to “know” some coordinates to paste the drawing to the original coordinates. It means that you need to draw some object in the template, and then attempt to paste DXF points.


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