Copter works, but plane does not

Hey there, my Navio is about to arrive, so I installed everything on my Raspberry as shown in the Docs. But I cannot get it to execute Arduplane. When I execute ArduCopter, it tries starting it, and then tells me that I have no INS installed, which is what I have been expecting. When I do the same thing with Arduplane, it tells me the command has not been found…

Anyone with a tipp for me???

Have you added the ardupilot/Tools/ directory to your terminals path?
I had a similar problem when setting up sitl for dev.

I’ve been spending all time searching for the ardupilot path, but that sounds very likely to get it. Can you tell me how to do this?

Or can anyone tell me where the ardupilot executables get placed after beeing installed?

Ok, I’m in exactly your situation now - I’ll start hunting and let you know if I can find a solution! :slight_smile:

Some digging:
I’ve installed the binary provided at

but on investigation, the binaries are in /opt/apm/bin - unfortunately ArduPlane isn’t there. I’m going to go with compiling from source and see if I can get it playing that way!


@Mikebert4 @Johannes_Zeiser

Sorry, guys. The deb package has been updated but the docs haven’t. You can grab the package here.

Sorry for the delay.

@george.staroselskiy thanks! Awesome work you guys are doing

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Well the plane still does not seem to be included, when will it be?

@Johannes_Zeiser the link in the docs has been updated, please download the package again.

Now it worked… don’t know why, but I had to rewrite the image.

Thank you!

Awsome work, Emlid!