Copter disarming does not work when landing

I have a question to the community here.
I had a few times in PosHold mode that disarming does not work when landing.
The Copter lands and the engines are still spinning at high speed and the Copter even threatens to topple over.
Only after some time, the speed is reduced and the engines stop.
A disarming with the Throttle Stick, left in the bottom corner does not work.

.bin log of that flight is missing. No way to help you without some deep information.

You can also send a picture of your multicopter showing landing gear, assembly of landing gear to frame and frame to Edge.

I experienced such behaviour when I had a try at soft silent block assembly between bottom and upper frame (bottom: landing gear, battery, gimbal with photo set - top: motor frame and electronics).


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I just always switch over to Stabilized after landing from Poshold


Check this thread:

Also stick disarm wont work in this mode:

The landing detection and disarming is the same in any mode that uses altitude hold. So Alt Hold, Loiter, Position Hold, Auto, Guided, Sport (I think), RTL, and Land. In these modes, it detects landing when the throttle output is at minimum and the vertical rate is stopped (+/- a number I forget) for more than approx 2 seconds. If you’re landing by hand in these modes, all you need is the throttle stick down so the throttle output goes down. Holding the throttle stick down and left does not affect disarming or landing detection in these modes. You cannot force it to disarm in these modes. If it doesn’t detect landing, it will not disarm.

Throttle down and left forces disarm in Stabilize, Drift, and Acro since those modes do not use the altitude hold controller. Therefore you can get around a confused landing detection in these modes.

i put the throttle down to the minimum, but in this time, the throttle raise automatically and the copter flips over. It´s a very dangerous situation. I think it´s a bug and it´s not logical.
Forcing to disarm with left stick down in the corner, must be in every flight mode.
Because it can be a emergency situation and the pilot must stop the propeller instantly.

Hope that the developer changes this.

There’s something like emergency motor cut off. I’m not an expert on Ardupilot, you can check on Arducopter forums/documentation.

But it’s not something that Emlid can address explicitly, as Navio is using Ardupilot open source software.

(other users will correct me if I’m wrong somewhere).

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