Copter crashed, looks like Arducopter program quit or Raspbian crash

was flying fine all sudden just tumbles down from the air and hits ground from about 35M…not as bad as it could been, cheap F550 parts. Where should I look for which log file to determine if this was an arducopter program crash or Linux kernel panic? It definitely not power related because the arducopter logs just abruptly end

Ok had another exact same issue now and my hexa has taken a pretty big hit this time… Again nothing suspicious in ardupilot logs, they just end abruptly, so is either hardware failure or linux crash but I reviewed the Linux logs and no hint of any kernel panics
Please help diagnose!!!


Could you please share ardupilot logs?
For displaying log messages from previous boots for journactl you can enable persistent logging. Here you can find helpful information.

I am trying to troubleshoot an issue with the same symptoms. The hardware is RPi3 with Navio2 running the emlid-rasbian-20170922.img. This is Arducopter v3.5.2.
On three occasions the copter simply fell out of the sky while performing RTL at the end of an auto mission. In the first two crashes the battery was damaged and the system powered down during impact. In the third damage was minor and the copter stayed alive. No beeps were heard while it was on the ground but the motors were impeded by the props on the ground.
Log file simply truncates while the copter is still in the air.
Now while very nervously testing I performed a successful simple mission. However, after removing props and picking up the copter to head to the bench the motors started beeping indicating that either Arducopter or the Pi had crashed. I was not able to ping or ssh to the RPi and had to eventually pull power and restart. NO logs were recorded for this flight.
I’ve attached the log from the third crash.
I am in the process of downloading the new image - emlid-rasbian-20180525.img - and will try again but must admit that I am no longer at all confidant in the platform! :frowning:
2018-05-13 09-28-33.bin (3.1 MB)

just follow up, I got a new RPI and took care of the issue, I thinik RPI was ggoing bad before

I was never able to definitively find out what was causing the crashes in my case. I strongly suspect power related trouble causing brown outs on the Pi but could not prove this. I had a long series of succesful flights without problems after changing to new batteries. Then when adding in a new instrument package on the RPi USB I noticed that the sensor on this unit was producing poor readings that traced back to inadequate power. With the Pi powered from a PC for debugging there was no issue. With the power powered from the Navio2 via a 10A CastleRock uBec the voltage was not stable at the Pi USB ports. I soldered in jumpers from the servo rail pins adjacent to the power connector to the + and - test pads on the bottom of the Pi to give a power feed that bypasses the very low insertion force header on the Navio2.
After doing this the sensors provide stable readings and have not had any further mysterious crashes.

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