So I did my CSV file and uploaded it to the Reach RS and everything was fine. I went out to the field and setup my base station. I connected to my rover and set off to stake out my points. It worked great, so fast and accurate (as I was staking out a fence line 80mm tolerance was fine) I staked out all my points and was chuffed to bits. However, I already had two points, one to start from, and one to end with. These points are end of a hedge and a tree 400m away. Just needed a straight line done by cords in between as it was an open field. Stood with my back to the hedge and looked down my line to the tree the otherside of the field and the line I had set out was at least 2m offset from my intended line. Now being a noob at this, and new to GPS, I realised that maybe the coord transformation from Eastings and northings to Lat and long wasn’t correct. These I redid and took into google earth, nope looked fine. What I think may have happened is that my transformation software has rounded the points up or only took it to one decimal place instead of three decimal place or 4, like the E and N are. I hope this is right, as I soooo want these units to work and myself get sorted with them. I didn’t change any parameters when I started a new job, should I have set it to fix or float? I believe I just left it automatic. Saying that I was staking out not measuring. Any feed back or help? or am I an idiot?

Don’t use google earth for these things. You can’t trust the maps for these sorts of things. Use QGIS with a trustworthy map source instead.

I usually only set a tickmark in the Fix position option when doing a Survey. That way I am sure I always get the Fixed solution.

Regarding your offset, then it is most likely to be your base coordinates being offset in some way.

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