Coordinate Systems and Foot units?

The U.S. Survey Foot will be done away with after 2022?

Can we still please keep the Coordinate System files that use it and also ADD International Foot Coordinate System files? I do not see International Foot unit files in the very long list???

Thank you!

This is about to become a huge mess especially with the “Datum of 2022” getting pushed back to 2024. There are no EPSG codes for the current State Plane zones to use iFT so what do they expect us to do? As it relates to site relativity it makes no difference unless your project is 10 square miles but for converting the coordinates of a single position to start from it is a big deal. We just thought keeping track of scale factors was bad. This is an old video unrelated to the change but gives a good idea of how significant the difference can be.


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Hi @timd1971,

ReachView 3 uses Proj that accumulates CRS and vertical datums from different registries. So, if the coordinate systems in the US Survey foot are saved in the registries, they will be presented in the ReachView 3 app as well.

At the moment, ReachView 3 supports coordinates systems in International foot and US Survey foot. If you would like to check the units of some particular CRS, please provide its name or EPSG code.


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