Coordinate system workflow best practice

What would be the correct settings when it comes to reference system in a workflow DJI Phantom 4 Pro (No RTK) and ReachRS+ > Export csv > Import to Metashape > Work in metashape > Export from metashape > import to QGIS > Work in QGIS

Is it best to use WGS84 all through everything or do i use country specific reference system on any export/import instance, do i convert at any time?

The Phantom uses WGS84 only but there is a choise /import to use or convert to other reference systems on RS+ and all other instances in the workflow. In Sweden the ”standard” is pretty much SWEREF99+RH2000 when setting coordinates on for example GCP. And the Reachview 3 can use this reference system.

What combinations of ref systems is reccomended, and when/where in the workflow do i convert or dont convert?

Hi Mikael,

Some photogrammetric software allows adding images and GCPs in different coordinate systems: they do the conversion on their own. Also, it should be possible to output the final orthomosaic in different coordinate systems.

However, I’m not very experienced in Metashape and can hardly say anything surely. So, first of all, I’d suggest checking if it’s possible to upload images and GCPs in different coordinate systems. I guess it will define the further workflow.

We use the WGS84 data when not using GCP’s and using just the drone data or doing PPK. When we place GCP’s we are using a localization or just the CORS via NTRIP and FieldGenius reports and exports in our State Plane coordinates which are used in the GCP file. It really doesn’t matter in processing because you have the option to determine which CRS your output will be in. You can import WGS84 GCP’s and export the SPCS.

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