Coordinate System in Reachview 3

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I’m from Nigeria and I just bought complete RS+ for the purpose of CADASTRAL SURVEY and ENGINEER SURVEY since must surveyor job here is the two mention above and I find it a little different from Hi Target and other instrument software interface as it much easier to use compare to Reachview software interface, those are the area I thought the Reachview can improve.

  1. The interface of Reachview.
  2. the coordinate System.
  3. The connectivity of the RS+ with bluthoot not with WiFi.
  4. let the system be as garbage in garbage out to easy Cadastral work and engineer work too.
  5. Example.
    I) Hi Survey Road software for Hi Target.
    II) NUWA software, etc.

That’s some pretty vague feedback you have there. It’s obvious that Reachview is not a full surveying software and in my opinion should remain such as it is part of the hardware solution and free. Would you like to pay a licensing fee for it like you would with Trimble or Topcon? If you need fully functional survey software you are much better served by acquiring a solution that is designed specifically for that purpose.


Pay for the license will not be problem if it can met up with costumer want.

That’s good to know. In our experience though there is quite a bit of functionality that would need to be added to be a full-service software and I am not quite so sure that’s the direction inlet wants to go. Time will see.

Hi Aminu,

Thank you for the feature requests! I’ve passed them to the team.

We are constantly working on making our software more useful and clear for our users. To understand which features should be implemented first, we always explore the users’ experience and suggestions. So, in case you would like to see any particular coordinate system or a feature in the ReachView 3 app, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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