Coordinate system - GCPs error in Reality Capture

Hi guys,

I ran a mission yesterday and shot 2 GCP’s with RTK Fix using Reach RS2+ and when inputting them into Reality Capture they are not being recognised. I shot them in the standard GCS and the settings in R/C are epsg4326 - GPS WG84 - if these are incorrect could you advise on the correct system as I am a bit stuck.


What is the CRS used by the NTRIP service?

I have just had a reply from them and the use ETRS89, so i guess I would need to transfer them into GCS?

In that case you’re collected GCPs are also in ETRS89.

In RC, you need to set that as your coordinate system.

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That would be easier :joy: thanks Dave

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Hi James,

I agree with Dave’s suggestion. In our previous conversation, we defined that your coordinate system is ETRS89 / Jersey Transverse Mercator. So you can use the GCPs collected in it.

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