Coordinate system, fixed format files

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Considering this GNSS device(RS2) is a good solution choosing instead of main GNSS manufacturers it is important to know if you can choose things such as specific coordinate system, geoid model? If not, maybe it will be available in future?

More over, if it will be possible to have fixed format output(custom)? For e.g. you can choose things in export file such as connection to RTK provider time and etc.


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As i understand (i only have a RS2 on order), Reachview does not have coordinate system or geoid model support.

All conversions must be done in other software.

This is available on the Tersus Nwua survey app so i would say these features need to be added soon after the RS2 launch to maximize sales. They should have a few geomatics engineers on staff if they don’t already…

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Similar to @DetritalGeo I started using FieldGenius for certain applications. i do not know if there will be a new version of Reachview or updates, but agree that these functions cut out allot of work.

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I think the software portion may be something that will be an ongoing project.

Personally just pair the RS2 base and rover to tried, true and proven over many years of experience with third party PROFESSIONAL software such as MicroSurvey FieldGenius or the like.

Or you can just “wait”. I am sure Emlid is working VERY hard for a FULL FEATURED PROFESSIONAL SURVEY APP, but it will be quite overwhelming in the meantime.

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