Coordinate System / Ellipsoid and Geoid Ref

Hi! We are q bit confused as to what to use for “ellipsoid reference” and geoid reference" for our location. Does a US state plane system exist for our location? Guam.

Our WGS84 trial run placed actual locations well off from those points collected from our Phantom 4 Pro.

Thanks for any help.

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Here’s a datasheet for one of the 3 NGS CORS for Guam

The datasheet is for the ARP (antenna reference point) which is commonly used for PP.

You can us the NGS data explorer website for information on the other CORS or passive control marks

Here’s some additional information on CORS station GUUG

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Great stuff, Bryan! This is a huge help. Thanks.

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If love to go there one day… My dad was in the US Air Force from 55-65. He told me about his many adventures there in the South Pacific. He was one of several units that used triangulation and astro-geodetic techniques between the islands for orientation of microwave relay towers that the air force used in communications between some of the island bases.

That sounds very interesting. Must have been quite the project and I’m sure a predecessor of much of the technology now being used out here between the military installations. Well worth the visit here and now you have a connection. Thanks again for your help!

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