Converting wgs84

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Converting reach lat. long and h which I believe are in WGS84. So many different ones.

I am working in Canada and it seems we use NAD83(CSRS) which I can convert to ITRF2008 which according to NRC site is equivalent to WGS84.
Any one got a strait forward way to do the transformation and know what you have when done?
I thought I had my tiny brain wrapped around this at one point but not so sure now.


(Garrett) #2

I know this is late. If you’re still looking for a utility, look at the National Geodetic Survey in the U.S. Its called NADCON. you can use it as a web base utility or download the software. Hope that helps.


(Timd1971) #3

Yes, it (Reach) is.

Another easy way to convert LLH to Easting, Northing is use Google Earth, Tools, Options UTM setting. EDIT: make a PIN, enter LLH, change to UTM, copy, paste etc.

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