Converting wgs84

Converting reach lat. long and h which I believe are in WGS84. So many different ones.

I am working in Canada and it seems we use NAD83(CSRS) which I can convert to ITRF2008 which according to NRC site is equivalent to WGS84.
Any one got a strait forward way to do the transformation and know what you have when done?
I thought I had my tiny brain wrapped around this at one point but not so sure now.


I know this is late. If you’re still looking for a utility, look at the National Geodetic Survey in the U.S. Its called NADCON. you can use it as a web base utility or download the software. Hope that helps.

(NGS Coordinate Conversion and Transformation Tool (NCAT))

Yes, it (Reach) is.

Another easy way to convert LLH to Easting, Northing is use Google Earth, Tools, Options UTM setting. EDIT: make a PIN, enter LLH, change to UTM, copy, paste etc.

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