Converting UBX to RINEX in RTKCONV

@polina.buriak, I have downloaded the RTKLib QT on my computer to process my M2 data. Every time when I try to convert the UBX data, the software shows the message “log open error: name.UBX”, as on the picture

Here the data I am trying to process (8 hours of 5hz occupation):

With the non emlid RTKlib ( the data is converted…

What am I doing wrong?

Still no sucess on M2 data… anyone?

Hi I downloaded your file and I was able to convert your data with:

RTK Conv v. 2.4.3 Emlid B28

RTK Conv v. 2.4.3 Emlid B33

If you need the converted data let me know it

Hope it helps.

I am using these versions sucssesfuly too…

But the issue is on the version pointed at the M2 docs (

Hi Fabio,

I’ve successfully converted your UBX in the RTKLib-QT. Could you clarify whether you set any specific parameters?

Hi, i think @wizprod had the same issue. Not sure if he resolved it?

Is the data located on a mapped network drive?

No… Just do not start the process.

No. But I will try putting the data on other hard disk… Let’s see what happens!

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Hi Fabio,

I just want to clarify that this error message may also appear when you drag-and-drop the file into the RTKConv-QT window. It’s better to open files by clicking the browse button.

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Hopefully this will get fixed soon, right ? It is quite cumbersome to browses each file compared to drag and drop, which worked like a charm in the normal RTKlib.


Worked just fine.

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Sure. We’re working on this issue. I’ll let you know when we release the new version with the fix.

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Hi there,

Reviving this old thread to let you know that we have our own post-processing software – Emlid Studio. Drag-and-drop works perfectly there :sweat_smile: And it also supports a lot of workflows, like Static, Kinematic, Drone data processing, and Stop & Go with ReachView 3.