Converting UBX files using RTKCONV

I try to convert ubx file using the RTKLIB_bin 2.4.3 b34, but no files (obs or nav) were not created.
Can you help me? Maybe I’m wrong.

Hi @PaolaC,

So far, it’s hard to say what the cause may be. Can you tell us more about how you convert data in the RTKLIB? You can send screenshots or record a video.

I’d also suggest you try to convert the data via our free beta version of the Emlid Studio. It has a user-friendly interface, and we have detailed documentation on how to work with it. The guide about how to convert logs might be helpful for you.


Hi Elena,
thank you for the reply.
this is the screenshot that shows the version of RTKLIB and how I insert the input file and its format.
I’m expecting that when I click on the Convert button the tool creates .obs, .sbs, .nav files in the same starting directory, instead no files are created and also no feedback string is shown.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @PaolaC,

This seems right. What settings do you use in the options?


Did you have time to look at the settings? You can send a screenshot.

Or have you already found the root of this issue yourself?

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