Converting to Rinex 3.04 in Emlid Studio

I can’t find the option to convert to Rinex 3.04 in Emlid Studio.

In the GNSS receiver if the option exists.

It seems it is not implemented in Studio yet. Do you have to have a 3.04 file or 3.03 can work for you too ?

What’s the catalyst for requiring 3.04? I’m just curious if there is a use case out there where you are being forced to use it. Or are you just pointing it out because the receiver has it? Studio is a downstream product so it will always be behind. Regardless I deal with GNSS on multiple levels every day and still have not seen a solution that utilizes even 3.03. We’re still dealing with a standard of 3.02.

The administrator of the state CORS of my country tells me that it is advisable to send the Rinex in version 3.04 for the online post-processing calculation, another lower version could block the calculation system.

As an alternative I will use the GNSS receiver conversion or another alternative like RTKLib.

Is it possible to implement it in future updates of Emlid Studio?


Sorry for the late comments.

Yes, at the moment, Emlid Studio doesn’t support converting the logs to RINEX 3.04. But we’ve noted your request for it.

As far as I know, the difference between this and the previous RINEX version should be small. So that’s why using RINEX 3.03 or 3.02 usually doesn’t cause any issues.

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