Converting multiple UBX to a single RINEX file (obs and nav files)

Hi everyone, I’m trying to merge multiple UBX files to a single RINEX file. I did a glacier survey and I did multiple measurements during the day, everytime I had to turn on and off the rover and that created many ubx files.

I get this error: log open error C:/User …

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Currently you can’t use wildcard searches in the QT version.
You can use the original RTKconv or the RTKLib Explorer version.
Or, alternatively, if you don’t have too many files, just add the body-content of each subsequent Rinex file to the first Rinex, and adjust the end time stamp to the one of the last file.


I tried to do it manually,I added up all the rinex files and then I changed the last time of observation as you said I but no point were corrected (0/8) when I used the file I created in Emlid-Studio (using the base observations and nav data + csv file). I’m uploading the files to drive:

You need to do the same to the nav-files. Maybe that is your issue?

Hi guys,

Sorry for the silence here!

In general, you can try a way suggested by Tatiana here:

However, I can’t help but ask, why do you need to merge several UBX files? Do you need it to post-process all of them at once?

I’d also want to add that manual merging of the files may lead to mistakes: from simple typos to rejections of processing the file in software because of non-permanent intervals between epochs.

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