Converting Files

Converting .ubx files to rinex 2.11 for processing with NRC Canada. I am able to submit the zipped file to NRC and have it processed successfully if I use only the GPS under options tab. If I use the GPS and Glosnass on the options tab it does not work NRC uploads about 2/3 of the way and then gives an Error message.
According to NRC they can process both GPS and Glosnass.
I am using latest reach updates and Emlid RTKconv file B27.

Any ideas or help?


Did you try reducing the interval of the processing when using rtkconv? I had this issue and was able to resolve by reducing the interval to 1s or less which produces a smaller file size and has no real impact on accuracy of the PPP solution nrcan provides.

Hi Gord

Just tried using 1 second interval and I dont get a .obs file in the output.


No error message?

Does this apply to you?

Delay for GLONASS PPP processing reduced from 24 hours to 4.5 hours. NRCan GLONASS orbits and clocks needed for CSRS-PPP processing of RINEX files containing GLONASS observations are now available every 3 hours resulting in a processing delay ranging between 1.5 to 4.5 hours.

Found it here

I dont think so It just is not uploading the file oit gets almost 3/4 uploaded and then quits with "unable to upload files"
error.yet uploaded with just GPS converted, file size is well with in there 300mb limit.