Converting 5hz rinex file to 1hz or every 15 seconds

I logged about 4 hours of static data in rinex version 2.1 at 5hz but the file is 189MB and I need to it to be under 100MB to upload to OPUS. Is there a way to convert the data down to maybe 1hz or every 15 seconds? The rinex file .19O file extension. Let me know if there is a solution out there, thanks!

That is not a Reach file extension.

Still, you could try to open it in RTKCONV and use the interval option to thin it out to e.g. 1Hz.

Yeah I tried using it but im not getting and output .obs file. I have the interval option checked with 15 secconds, anything else I have to set inorder to get a converted .obs file?

EDIT: Figured out what RTKCONV settings to use.

HI @ryancjames94 in RTKCONV select interval (top rigth) 1 seg or 15 seg.

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you can use TEQC or GFZRNX to re-sample the file.

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