Convert .pos file in .gpx

I followed the tutorial of " GPS post-processing" and everything worked perfectly but the last output filethat I got from RTKPOST ist a .pos file. I opened it in RTKPLOT and the solution is perfect but when I try to save the waypoint in .gpx I got a file that is empty.

For my next steps I need a .gpx file so I can use the timestamp to geolocate my surveying photos.

Could anyone tell me how can I export my .pos file or if I need to use a third software to xhange the format.

Thanks in advance

RTKPOST created the empty GPX? I’m assuming you’re using geosetter to update the tag?

Hi @karen.leon,

It’s enough to use RTKPOST for converting .pos files to .gpx files.

I’ve attached the screenshots of the process for you. Please check them out.


Thanks a lot :wink:

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