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Convert DXF linework to CSV, GeoJSON or DXF (points only) for ReachView Survey Stakeout

(Timd1971) #1

Are there any free converters out there to test until I can get just POINTS into ReachView to Stakeout? Either CSV, GeoJSOn or DXF (POINTS ONLY) in the correct format required for ReachView Stakeout?

My DXF files have linework (i.e. lines, arcs, etc).

Does anyone have a simple workflow for creating the points only from DXF drawings? (or any other format similar to DXF, DWG, etc).

(Brent Wiebe) #2

I think QGIS should be able to do all that just fine. You could send a sample drawing for me to look at.

(Michael Lambert) #3

I agree. Most simply you can open the DXF and draw points on a new Shapefile layer, but there are routines out there that will turn the linework vertices into points. I’m not that advanced though. Something like this.


If a vector in QGIS run the extract nodes tool in the processing toolbox.

(Michael Lambert) #5

Something that I came across that reminded me of this thread.