Conversion of Hatanaka compressed RINEX (.Z) files to uncompressed RINEX files

So I’m attempting to use data from UNAVCO monuments as post-processing baselines for a glacier survey, but the only data I seem to be able to find is the Hatanaka compressed RINEX (.Z) file formats. I’ve been trying rather hard to interpret the instructions for how to convert Hatanaka to RINEX using the crz2rnx tools provided by UNAVCO, but haven’t been able to come close to making it work. Does anyone have any thoughts?

What is the output you are getting?
What is your input?

I’m downloading RINEX 2.11 from my RS2 units, but all I can retrieve from UNAVCO are the .Z compressed files. I haven’t found a good way to convert them back to RINEX yet so I really haven’t been able to do any processing yet.

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