Controlling Servos via Raspberry + Navio 2

Hi. I am working on a project and I need to control 3 servo motors. I have been reading previous threads for help. While there are many helpfull topics on this subject, I also read that it was not suggested to control servos via Navio 2 with APM installed. I got confused.

I have a tricopter, an image processing application installed on raspberry as well. Have navio2 mounted. And want to control servos from image processing app. I can also use an Arduino NANO to handle servo control task. I could not decide. What I need is a safe solution. Will it be safe to run servos from an image processing app? Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

It is not suggested to control PWM outputs from other app when ArduPilot is running because it may lead to unpredicted behaviour and error since two running programs would be accessing the same resources.

If you need to control a few PWM output channels the correct way is to do this through ArduCopter by sending it the values through MAVLink/DroneKit/ROS.

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Thanks for clarification.

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