Controlling one ESC individually/separately from other 4 ESCs on quadcopter


Does anyone know if and how one could control an ESC individually on the NAVIO2? Let’s say we have a quadcopter with an extra 5th motor that we want to control independently from the other 4 motors.

You can use one Aux PWM out (from 9 to 14). You will have to set the endpoints and calibrate the ESC.

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Could I also use the GPIOs on the Raspberry Pi to control the 5th ESC?

Hi @alexb,

To accomplish it, you need to configure the BRD_PWM_COUNT parameter in the MissionPlanner. This parameter determines how many PWM outputs are reserved by ArduPilot. Others can be used as GPIO outputs. To operate servo rail pins as GPIOs, please, follow this guide.

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