Control the Navio2 without an RC


looking into my calender it is 2019 and I am astonished to see that it seems not possible to control a drone with a smartphone either via Wifi or Bluetooth, when relying on Ardupilot or PX4.

This seems very basic, some little toy drones for 30 USD can do.

RC radios / telemetry are all bulky and add complexity.

I do not criticise Emlid or Navio, rather the hole OS ecosystem that has not those basics covered.

So is there a way to remote my Navio2/RPi drone without using a radio control alltogehter, e.g. using the arrow keys on the keyboard or is there some app
that allows this on the smartphone ?

Qgroundcontrol has a virtual keyboard, but you can not use it on Ardupilot.
And you can not use it unless you have a radio to set up the radio controlls first,
otherwise setup/ config screen of the ground stations wont let u any further!

There must be a way…

You can tap on map in QGroundControl and press “Go to this location” (I didnt try it though).

I already posted that a simple Bluetooth-2.4GHz bridge to use Playstation joysticks will kill whole RC controller industry. Noone needs these bulky things when you can use a tiny cheap device with your own joysticks.

I can lead this program if someone is willing to invest.

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