Control Navio2 Quadcopter from Webpage on Other Device

I want to control a Navio2 quadcopter using an HTML page hosted on the Raspberry Pi as shown here. I will access this page on another device. Can this be done using the UART and USB radios from the Navio2 Hardware Setup page? If not, are there any other ways to control Navio2 with an iPhone? Also, can I use the Drocon/Udirc u818a transmitter from this page? I’m fairly new to RC, so any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Will,

I’m afraid I can’t recommend you anything regarding the Navio2 control over the HTML page. It might be possible, but we’ve never tested this kind of setup that is why it is hard to predict the possible result.

The Drocon transmitter does not support the SBAS I/O, that is why it is barely possible to use it to control the Navio2.

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