Control Lag Issue


@igor.vereninov @igor.vereninov I’ve been running Copter V3.3 on my QAV540 multirotor (6lbs) for a few months now, and I’ve got a strange control lag problem.

Its obviously flyable, but unfortunately difficult to see and account for when flying FPV. What I’ve noticed is that while in Stabilize mode, once a pitch forward input is given at the control stick, it takes a good 200ms I would bet to actually start pitching forward after a level hover. Once that input is received, it seems to respond more quickly and normally. Then once you hover again, the lag seems to return.

I’m running a Taranis 9XD RC with a Dragonlink V2 receiver. This is hooked up via PPM to the Navio+. I’m wondering if its a parameter issue OR if its perhaps the Navio PPM Encoder. Here are my parameters currently for acceleration, which I’ve essentially left as default:

Is there a test I can run with the props off to see if its the Navio PPM Encoder? Let me know :smile:

Here’s a pic from today’s flight, just for fun.



Please share your log files.

@ivereninov here’s a log file.

@igor.vereninov Sorry that one was useless. Here is a better one.