Control gimbal tilt using pinouts from edge

  1. edge, Hexa-X
  2. I cant get any response from the pin outs 7-12 on my edge module
  3. i connected a servo on pin out 9 and tried different input and output combination but there was no response from the servo… channel 6 and channel 7 bar moves under channel monitor of the radio tab
    tried changing gimbal types as well… no luck

using alexmos 2 axis gimbal for go pro, when connected to servo tester the tilt works…


I use Tilt control on my Storm32 gimbal. Settings are the same for Alexmo’s.

Top of the setting screen, Output channel 9 (Plug 9 of the Edge (do not use 7 and 8)).
Input Channel 6 ( as the book say).

In the lower end of the setting screen there are two items:

Type: set it to servo,
Default mode: RC Targetting.


Thanks, i figured myself as well… was trying different combinations and the exact same worked as you said… Gimbal is sorted

I also want a 5V from the middle pin for powering servos, is it possible? or should i use a bec for 5v and take out the signal and ground from the edge’s pinouts?

As the wiki say, you have to use a 5v Bec to power the servo rail. Mine is plugged in out 7 (not used in my Hexa).


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