Control 4 Servo motor


I am actually new in using navio2. I already tried using the example and it is already working. However, I want to control 4 servo motor individually. Like if it is a character ‘a’, servo 1 will rotate, character ‘b’ servo 2 will rotate and so on… can anyone please help me with this one.

I am actually creating a project, wherein I translate my voice into text and the translated text will be sent to my pi( with navio2 on it) using my 433 MHz Telemetry modem. The received text will be used to assigned what servo will rotate if it is for servo1, servo2, servo3 or servo4.

Hi Cherry,

What you described is not a trivial task but it’d be interesting to see the results of your project. Unfortunately, we don’t have a ready solution for such a case. However, I believe that our servo examples are a good way to start with.

Controlling servo rail outputs using GPIO might be of interest to you too.