Continuous measurement for getting trajectories at 1 Hz

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I want to use the Emlid Reach RS2 as receiver for the ZEB Locate backpack. This is a mobile mapping system and the Reach RS2 can be mounted on top of the ZEB Locate to georeference the scandata.
The RS2 must measure 1 point per secound to create a trajectory out of that. The measurements are made while going around with the ZEB Locate.
So now I’m searching for a soulation to collect the data I need.

Is it possible to to continous measurements with Reach View App?
Does anyone know a third-party app who is able to collect the data?

For importing the data in the postprocessing software I need the coordinates and data in one of the following formats

• CSV format with time, lat, long, elevation, accuracy
• NMEA with GGA and GST strings
• NMEA GGA string

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Hi Fabian,

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The RS2 can continuously output its position at 1 Hz intervals. All you have to do is to enable the 1 Hz refresh rate in the RTK settings tab. This guide describes how to do it.

The positioning data could be supplied in various formats, including NMEA0183. Here is the guide in our docs on how you can do it.

At the moment, there is no possibility in the ReachView app to select the output of the particular NMEA strings. However, in most cases, external software is able to pick the necessary message on its own.

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