Consider adding .pos file formatting options in the processing settings dialog

Currently, in Emlid Studio v1.5, the output .pos file ( which looks like Character set: Unicode (UTF-8)) is using a [space] field separator, generally 2x between fields. I’ve been trying different import settings (focused on the continuous position data beginning on line 10) using LibreOffice Calc for the as-is Emlid Studio output .pos file without much luck.

Text editor manipulations are required in order to get the data into a manageable spreadsheet, but it would be better if there was an option in the processing settings dialog that would permit the user to format the output; e.g., a comma separated value .csv

Additionally, the pulldown menu for Output solution, in addition to All solutions, might include Fixed solutions only. The other meta bits above line 10 should still be included in all cases, noting that in Emlid Studio v1.5 the base coordinate system is incorrectly being written, but instead; for example of seeing:
% (lat/lon/height=NAD83(2011)/ellipsoidal it’s always written as % (lat/lon/height=WGS84/ellipsoidal

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Hi Kelly,

I see that you process the data in the Static mode with the All solutions output enabled. Can you tell me more about your application and how you would like to use such output?

If you’d like to obtain a Fix coordinate of a static point, you can try the One best option. It’ll give you the best Fix solution.

As for the base datum, it’s always shown as WGS84. We’ll think about how to avoid confusion in the future.

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Hi Ksenila, thank you for asking. All solutions was used in an effort to see some stats in the .pos file that Emlid Studio produces, and to compare them with Emlid Studio’s One best option. In this case, I was using 10 hours worth of data recorded at 30-second intervals using a Topcon HiPer Lite+. I was also playing around with LibreOffice Calc to graph the standard deviation residuals and started thinking about trying to draw the error ellipses in Calc; e.g., at 1, 2 & 3 sigma. Emlid Studio’s .pos output doesn’t appear to be a floating point number so the points in the 2D graph end up being stacked.

I am still waiting for comments to the question I posted at Can LibreOffice Calc (v7.5 and up) on Windows draw error ellipses? - English - Ask LibreOffice

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I see, thank you for sharing! I’ve registered your request for the CSV output and added these details.

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