Connector for Trimble L1/L2 22020-00?

Does anyone happen to know the connector type for the Trimble L1/L2 22020-00 antenna? I picked this up a while back and was going to make it a permanent mount to use with an M2 and I am not sure what connector it is and can’t find a reference online.

Can you show a picture of the socket? I’m assuming it’s a standard type.

Sorry! Should’ve posted that from the get-go. Here are two photos. Thank you!

I originally ordered TNC > SMA adapters and the TNC connector did not fit. It has just been laying around so now trying to find the correct connector. I think these are fairly old but still should be good to for a base antenna, think so anyway.

That looks like an N connector to me. couldn’t be 100% positive, but it’s pretty likely.

You can check the dimensions from the Wiki page.

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Type N connectors were common in the earlier days and it kind of looks like one, but even if you get the appropriate adapter cable it may not work with the M2. It seems to need at least 7 VDC to function correctly and I think the M2 provides 3.3 VDC.

An antenna splitter with a separate power supply would likely work, but that may be more trouble than you are looking for.

Note that if, indeed, the antenna is designed for a higher voltage than you supply it may still seem to work, but reliably will be a problem.

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Thank you! That is very helpful. It shall go on ebay or goodwill :slight_smile: I will just get a new antenna. This thing is huge and not really practical but I thought I would try to use it. Thanks again for the clarification.

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