Connector conundrum

I have a UAV RC and extended range antenna that have rp-sma female connections on both sides and want to make one side a quick connector like an smb or mcx.

First question, does it matter which?

Where they heck do I find an rp-sma male to smb or mcx adapter fitting? All these types of fittings seem to be non-rp. It doesn’t matter to me whether the quick connect is male or female on either the fitting or the cable.

I have found cable in all configurations, but they are longer than 3ft and these only need to be about 3-4 inches. Is there a source or would they be easier to make?

Look into drone FPV shops. They have converter plugs in all variations!

Well, here’s half of one option…

Now I just need an rp-sma male to mcx female fitting…

Please keep in mind that good quality MCX connectors are rated to around 500 matings.

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Good tip. That should last us about a year and I don’t mind replacing connectors that often.

Have you tried L-com? Lots of coax adapters and pigtails. They might be able to suggest something for your particular case.

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Not yet, but I will do that. Thanks for the suggestion!

This might be of interest, I bought something similar to the short SMA to MCX pigtail you linked and it doesn’t work with M+/M2. The female connector on the receiver is recessed too far inside the case and those short stubby right angle male connectors cannot sit in fully without having to cut some of the receiver casing away to make room.

Slightly disappointed on my end as I wanted to use the right angle cable to put all this in a very small waterproof case without voiding warranty or modifying the receiver.

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